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Bloxable: decentralized structured finance platform for bringing every loan and asset-backed bond onto open ledger

Reinventing $200+ trillion debt markets with enterprise blockchain
and smart contracts-driven solutions

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Ivan Zdanov (Zone)


  • Wharton MBA; Computer Science, BSc
  • Serial Entrepreneur: FinTech, Blockchain
  • Former Structured Finance Trader at $5B hedge fund Petra Capital
  • International Venture Capital

Kshitish Balhotra


  • Blockchain Expert and frequent panelist at key international blockchain conferences
  • Vast financial industry experience: Barclays, Standard Chartered, TD, RBS

Bhavish Balhotra

Blockchain Platform Development

  • Technology Entrepreneur
  • Full Stack & Blockchain Developer
  • Co-Founded world's first business exchange based on blockchain

Sushil Raina

Blockchain Strategy

  • A proven fintech leader and blockchain strategy advisor, has a strong background in consulting and business analysis by having worked in USA, Europe and Asia for Fortune 500 firms

Market and Industry.

Global debt has grown by $92 trillion and no major economy has decreased its debt-to-GDP ratio since 2007.
On the rise are: government debt in advanced economies, mounting household debt, and the rapid
rise of China’s debt.

Source: Bank for International Settlements; Haver Analytics; International Monetary Fund World
Economic Outlook; national sources; McKinsey Global Institute analysis; Institute of International Finance

How Bloxable Works.

Our Features.


Bloxable platform will automate the complete Structured Finance process by moving all execution conditions to be self-operating via smart contracts


Bloxable’s decentralized platform enables consistent data access across-the-board for all participants, which helps them in ensuring consistency and lessens the chances of reconciliation errors


Enhanced transparency will lead to better and more efficient price discovery and quicker resolution of disputes amongst various parties


Trading data would reside on the blockchain ensuring that no centralized authority has the capability to manipulate the data in any possible form


Q1 2018

Bloxable is still in its early stages of its development whereby the initial design and technical architecture of the project have been finalized with respect to the launch of the product.

Q2 2018

Post the SAFT Sale completion. Bloxable will start hiring additional resources needed to implement the product features based on the funding raised.

Q4 2018

Bloxable intends to make the Vanilla Loan origination component of the platform live as Phase 1 for private beta users with loan origination services needs.

Q2 2019

Using the analytics gained from the Beta Launch, Bloxable will initiate development of the smart contract module that will be used to issue structured finance products on blockchain and create immutable auditable records that will be shared with data partners.

Q4 2019

Bloxable will implement the Primary Trading module on blockchain that will enable addition of derivatives categories on the blockchain-based platform.

Q2 2020

Feature enhancements to the origination module and the trading module will be made in addition to enabling exotic product origination and secondary trading onto the platform to help provide consistent product liquidity across various asset classes.

Because the platform and tokens are still in development, many of their features, details of how they operate and the timing of their implementation are subject to change. There is no guarantee that this roadmap will be followed and potential investors should be prepared for the tokens and platform to evolve differently than described.

Token Functionality.

Bloxable’s structured finance platform will heavily rely on Bloxable (BLX) tokens for structuring and securitizing various product offerings in a regulatory compliant financial format. BLX tokens are the underlying economic unit of the Bloxable marketplace that helps perform all transactions related to the platform.

SAFT Sale.

Total $USD / ETH raised on SAFTs 0 BLX

0 / 0

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  • Token nameBloxable Token
  • TickerBLX
  • Legal qualificationThe offering is a SAFT offering
  • Number of tokens2000 BLX per ETH
  • Target contributionsHard Cap of ~$40 million USD
  • TimelineTBD
  • TradingTBD
  • TransferabilityThe SAFTs (and tokens) will not be freely transferrable at the outset – they will be transferrable only among accredited investors after 90 days, in transactions that are conducted outside the US to non-US persons, or freely after a year
  • Legal adviserWilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Token Allocation

  • 33.3% Crowdsale
  • 33.3% Bloxable Core Team
  • 16.66% Developer Pool
  • 16.66% User Growth Pool

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